Why Secure Cable Gland?

Why choose us?

  • Outstanding Infrastructure
  • Customized product accessible
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified quality services
  • A simple and effective transparent pricing stucture
  • RoHS complient products
  • The dexterous team of professionals
  • Special price for long-run contact manufacturing on mass production
  • Competitive prices and free & quick quote
  • Stringent quality measures
  • Expedite delivery of consignments
  • Tamper-proof packaging and on-time delivery

Key properties of our components

  • It features heavy tensile strength to get shaped quickly, and this is one of the ain reasons why brass is ussed in different industrial applications.
  • Brass is highly flexible in nature, and it is durable too.
  • Brass features minimum frictional content and is thus used for making doorknobs, locks, keys, gears, and other components.
  • The low melting point of brass alloy enebles quickly mold the components into different shapes and accurately withoug the need for extra thermal force.
  • Brass components can be molded into any complex shapes easily and with uniformity.
  • The non-ferromagnetic properties of brass components further make it easy to separate state scrap etals and recycle them quickly.
  • Brass components have good corrosion resistivity, therefore they become suitable to install in any places where corrosionn is high.


We are committed to doing better each day, to creating and innovating, advancing and helping society move a step further in terms of best quality products.


We are on a conquest with ourselves for quality. We compete with ourselves to provide better than the best. Our quality has become our identity.


25+ years are quite sufficient for a company to become a brand. We are masters in our trade and that is because of constant research and openness to evolving with time.


Good relationships make a great leader. Kanhaiya Brass Industries believes in lasting relationships with clients, stakeholders, employees and everyone who gets associated with us.

Who We Are

Since 27 years, keeping our promises with every order to every customer.

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Since 1995...

KANHAIYA BRASS INDUSTRIES, Established in the year 1995 at Jamnagar-India with its opulent and multifarious heritage of experience, intellectuality, relaibility, uncompromised dedication to exceptional quality standard with an unequalled niche of promptness in service and performance.

KANHAIYA BRASS INDUSTRIES provides one stop solution for Industrial, Flameproof, Weatherproof Cable Glands & Accessories, Which covers a wide spectrum of armored and unarmored cables, and thus providing total solution of cable termination to hazardous and non-hazardous areas of electrical installation.

KANHAIYA BRASS INDUSTRIES has the most comprehensive Cable Glands & Accessories range. Our unfailingly adamant quality sentience virtually gained us the brand name "SECURE". "SECURE" is promising brand globally and which made us exceptional amongst our competitors and brought to us with in the gone off two decades many valuable customers from many countries.

KANHAIYA BRASS INDUSTRIES's utilize advanced machining technologies and state-of-the-art equipement to achieve precision and efficiency in our machining operations. Our modernized infrastructure having cutting-edge CNC machines and tools, maintained meticulously to deliver consistent, flawless results and utilizing advanced measuring & quality testing instruments like VMM machine, Surface Roughness tester, Hardness/torque tester and vernier caliper/micrometer and confirming they align precisely with specified dimensions. We use the latest technologies in information and communication to solve individual tasks in a short a time as possible. It's a "Win - Win" situation for our valuable customers and us.

More About Us

Customer Satisfaction

  • On-Time Delivery of the product
  • Quick Response to the customer query
  • Value Added Services
  • Quality product manufactured
  • Online Support for any query
  • Delivery Reliability

Operational Excellence

  • Lean Manufacturing Management
  • Product Design
  • Real Time Operation
  • ERP System Efficiency
  • Effective Sales Management
  • Efficient Logistics Management


  • Key Procurement
  • Incorporated Manufacturing Network
  • Vertical Integration Assemblies
  • Development of Products

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